Activity Apps: Vegetable Puzzles App for iPad and iPhone

Learn about vegetables from a nice and colorful vegetable stall, tap on vegetables to play the puzzle and get a full size view of the vegetable. Kids earn a sticker every time they complete the puzzle and get to create their own certificate.

EXplore from Vegetable stall
Solve Vegetable puzzles
Memory Game
Email scoreboard to your Parents and Friends

The app aims to introduce vegetables to kids via games, adding educational values and fodder for brain exercises. Jigsaw puzzles help kids improve their hand eye co-ordination, develop spatial awareness and enhances short-term memory. App also comes with memory game, which again helps kids develop working memory.

App features:
* Vegetable Stall *
* Puzzle *
* Matching Game *
* Scores *
* Stickers *

KidsGrowth Chart – This app will help your child excel in the following areas:
- Problem Solving
- Concentration
- Logical skills
- Memory
- Imagination
- Confidence

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