Teach Me Transport for iPad and iPhone

Learn about different modes of transports with this simple, yet entertaining app with beautiful illustrations and fun games. The app has a clean and simple arrangement of vehicles. This fun and intuitive educational app will help kids learn about transports while playing with the app.

Explore and Floating Menu
Solve Puzzles and Quiz
Trace and Flashcard view
Stickers and Scores
Safe Youtube Videos

What’s inside:

Vehicles arranged in a leader board view to help kids get a glimpse of the commonly used transport. Tap on any vehicle and go the flash card view to understand the transport better.

Flash card view of a single vehicle, with audio and name. We believe in introducing a concept in various different modes to the kids. Repetition without get bored helps.

Doodle on the vehicles outline, using the rich crayon and pencil color palette. Undo if you don’t like it. Save them to your photo album or share with your parents and friends.

Test your skills in the quiz mode. Listen to the name of the vehicle and tap on the correct answer.

The best learning comes while playing. Jigsaw puzzles help kids improve their hand eye co-ordination, develop spatial awareness and enhances short-term memory. And it it fun! Complete the puzzle and earn a bonus sticker.

List of hand picked videos.

Our kids love this feature. A random vehicle comes on the screen dancing. Play, play and play here. Tap on the sticker and see it do all sorts of crazy things. Create a certificate to brag about them.

This feature is more for the parent, to give you an insight of your child’s progress. Track the quiz scores and the puzzles they have completed.

KidsGrowth Chart – This app will help your child excel in the following areas:
- Problem Solving
- Concentration
- Logical skills
- Memory
- Imagination
- Confidence
- Leaning and writing

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