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Kidosphere is continuing to publish high quality apps for preschoolers. Our apps are getting used in schools, off-school day care centers and by parents. We are constantly learning and incorporating parent’s feedback into our newer apps.

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“Team Me Human Body” is a continuation of our goal to educate preschoolers using fun apps. Going beyond ABC and Math apps, this time we present app which allows your kid to explore human body. With simple touch based learning method, this app allows kids to explore all body parts.

There is lot more than just learning basic facts about body. Kids can learn with games like puzzles and quiz.

This app packs many more features:

Explore: Choose any character among 8 cute characters to learn body parts. Name your favorite characters, and have fun.

Read: Flash card view on a black-board with audio and text. We believe in introducing a concept in various different modes to the kids. Repetition without get bored helps.

Color: Doodle on the body parts using the rich crayon and pencil color palette. Undo if you don’t like it. Save them to your photo album or share with your parents and friends.

Quiz: Test your skills in the quiz mode. Listen to the name of the vehicle and tap on the correct answer.

Puzzles: The best learning comes while playing. Jigsaw puzzles help kids improve their hand eye co-ordination, develop spatial awareness and enhances short-term memory. And it it fun! Complete the puzzle and earn a bonus sticker.

Videos: Enjoy learning with the videos curated by our in-house experts.

Stickers: Do the hard-work and then get the rewards. Kids love this feature. Tap on the sticker and see it do all sorts of crazy things. Create a certificate to brag about them.

Score Card: Keep a score card of how well your kid is doing. You can email this scoreboard to other family members.

All Kidosphere apps follow our KidsGrowth chart model to ensure balanced learning methodology. ‘Teach Me Human Body’ app will help your child excel in following areas:
- Problem Solving
- Concentration
- Logical skills
- Memory
- Imagination
- Confidence
- Leaning and writing

Kidosphere publishes interactive and multilingual apps for kids. Using elegant design and interactive user experience, Kidosphere helps children enjoy conventional books in the new digital medium. We love to hear from kids and parents. Your feedback is very valuable to us, it helps us in developing awesome apps that kids can enjoy.

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