Apps for Math Learning: Math Symbol Puzzle for iPad and iPhone

Math Symbols is a jigsaw puzzle game designed for children. It introduces kids to math symbols via puzzle games and memory games. Kids earn a sticker for every puzzle they put together and get to create their own certificate.

Explore Math Symbols
Solve Symbols puzzles
Match the Symbols
Earn Stickers for each puzzles
Floating Menu
* Puzzle *
An app in itself. A clean and simple arrangement of all the math-symbols, with the same starting sound. Every element in the screen is click-able , to complete the puzzle. Hear the sound of the math-symbol.

* Matching Game *
Memory match games with random math-symbols. Score card to track time and move.

* Score *
Keep track of the time and number of moves taken to complete the puzzle and memory game.

* Stickers *
Our kids love this feature. A random letter with its objects comes on the screen dancing. Play, play and play here, pinch the math-symbol , drag them anywhere on the screen and just have fun.

KidsGrowth Chart – This app will help your child excel in the following areas :

Problem Solving
Logical skills

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