Kidosphere apps are designed by parents. We put lot of thoughts into designing these apps. Apps are by design meant to enhance key skills for your kids.

Cognitive Skills
Cognitive skills are essential for the overall development of kids. Language learning, memory development, logical thinking, problem solving etc. are all part of the cognitive skills. Our puzzle apps with numbers, alphabets and colors help in developing the thought process and problem solving skills of the kids. We constantly work to develop apps for enhancing other techniques as well.

Concentration is the ability to focus despite the distractions. Developing concentration in kids when they are young is very important life skill. Children, who can concentrate better, can learn better. They learn to handle difficult situations with total focus and a ‘not give up’ attitude. Kidosphere puzzles are a fun yet an effective way to develop concentration.

Along with love and cuddle, kids also need lot of encouragement. Frequent encouragement builds their self-esteem and confidence. This is a crucial skill and eventually ends up shaping how they tackle day to day challenges at home and school.

As grown-ups, we are used to juggling many things. Whereas toddlers need to be slowly exposed to the idea of complexity and coordination. Doing two or three things together and doing things in sequence doesn’t come naturally to preschoolers. Teachers use many tricks to engage kids in activities which end up strengthening coordination skills. Apps with game dynamics – in a very small dose – tends to generate curiosity about before and after scenarios.

According to Parenting Today, ‘Kids these days are narrow-minded and just not as creative as they used to be. But since creativity is innate, it is not lost’. At Kidosphere, our aim is to constantly develop apps that nurture creativity in kids. These apps are designed to enhance their understanding of the pretend play, which is one of the best ways for nurturing creativity.

Digital Skills
We as a parent were not exposed to so many gadgets, kids nowadays have many choices. Issues like screen time and screen manners are here to stay. We use subtle, but funny tricks, to sensitize kids about these important issues.

Health Skills
As the saying goes, health is wealth but try teaching this lesson to toddlers. Good luck with that. Toddlers are fussy eaters and parents use all sorts of trick to get that plate cleaned up. Can apps help in communicating good health related manners to toddlers? Well we are thinking on those lines.

Imagination reflects the true self of the child. Kids develop a sense pride when they are involved in play or art or any other activity that is fruit of his/her own imagination. In this result-oriented world where there are many factors that can rob the kids of their creativity and imagination, Kidosphere apps encourage the kids to dream and imagine.

Language skills play a significant role in the academic development. Children have a natural ability to learn even multiple languages. They learn easily through play, imitation and exploration. With our apps, kids can explore the world of alphabets and other language learning activities. We also have multi-lingual apps to encourage learning foreign languages.

At Kidosphere, our developers aim in making Math less intriguing and more fun for the kids. By designing apps that integrate Math with day to day examples, Kidosphere makes the learning fun and at the same time fulfilling.

Motor Skills
Kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers hone their fine motor skills from the environment through their senses of touch, hearing and sight. The Smartphone and Tablet apps created by Kidosphere are colorful and interactive, thereby stimulating the motor skills of the kids.

The love of reading is a lifetime companion. Toddlers, when introduced to the magical world of books develop language skills very fast. Through reading, they learn new words faster and start learning the structure of the language. Kidosphere is continuously adding new book apps that are best suited for the kids.

Studies show that the kids who show high levels and quality of fantasy and imagination in their play have better ability to accommodate to stressful situations. Simulation and pretend play are a crucial part of child development. The strength of Kidosphere apps is that, they enhance the understanding of these skills.

Speech is the first form of communication the kids have. The vocabulary growth of the toddlers is immense. With this new found skill, the preschoolers delve into linguistic exploration. Kidosphere apps join hands with the kids in this adventure and help them attain newer heights.

Kids take pride in writing whether it is their first alphabet or their name or a message in a greeting card. Writing brings out the infinite imagination the kids have. Kidosphere apps encourage the kids to give form to their fascinating thoughts and feelings.