Language Learning Apps: Hindi 100 Words for iPad and iPhone

Hindi is an Indo-European language spoken as a first language in India and second language in many countries where Indians have emigrated. Building strong Hindi vocabulary has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers. The interface is intuitive and can be manipulated by a child without trouble.It is a simple way of combining audio and Hindi word to make it easy for the kids to remember those words. They also learn how to say each word.

Explore 100 words & Flashcard view
Play with Puzzles and Doodle
Safe Youtube videos
Learn with Quiz
Scores and Stickers
100 thumbnail images are viewed in a effective scroll view.

Hindi uses the Devanagari script to write, we have made more easy to read by writing each word in Hindi a transliteration in English letters along with object image.

Color the objects on a painting board, using the rich crayon and pencil color palette. Undo if you don’t like it. Save them to your photo album or share with your parents and friends.

Test your skills in the Hindi words you learnt in a quiz mode. Listen to the audio in Hindi and tap on the correct answer.

The best learning comes while playing. Finish the puzzle and earn a bonus sticker.

List of hand picked videos.

Our kids love this feature. A random objects comes on the screen dancing. Play, play and play here. Tap on the sticker and see it do all sorts of crazy things. Create a certificate to brag about them.

Score Card
The entry of quiz and puzzles you have completed will be listed. You can email the scoreboard view.

KidsGrowth Chart – This app will help your child excel in the following areas:
- Problem Solving
- Concentration
- Logical skills
- Memory
- Imagination
- Confidence
- Leaning and writing

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