Language Learning Apps: English 100 Words for iPad and iPhone

“My First 100 Words in English” is designed for preschool kids who are just
beginning to read their first words. App has been created with most familiar pictures, which make the kids to speak those pictures easily. Kid’s will get familiar with basic 100 words along with pronunciation, kid’s will have confidence when they speak.

Category list
Explore 100 Objects
Flashcard View
Safe Youtube videos
Explore: 100 pictures are distinguished among 8 categories. Have a glimpse for the preferable pictures as a thumbnail images within scroll view.

Read: Flash card view for each pictures, along with audio and name. We believe in introducing a concept in various different modes to the kids.

Color: Color the pictures on a painting board, using the rich crayon and pencil color palette. Undo if you don’t like it. Save them to your photo album or share with your parents and friends.

Quiz: Test your skills with the English words you learnt in a quiz mode. Listen to the audio and tap on the correct answer.

Puzzles: The best learning comes while playing. Finish the puzzle and earn a bonus sticker.

Videos: Enjoy learning with the videos curated by our in-house experts.

Stickers: Do the hard-work and then get the rewards. Kids love this feature. Tap on the sticker and see it do all sorts of crazy things. Create a certificate to brag about them.

Score Card: Keep a score card of how well your kid is doing. You can email this scoreboard to other family members.

At Kidosphere, we take a comprehensive approach towards kids growth. Our KidsGrowth methodology is designed with that objective in mind. My First 100 English Words app will help your child excel in the following areas:
- Problem Solving
- Concentration
- Logical skills
- Memory
- Imagination
- Confidence
- Leaning and writing

Kidosphere publishes interactive and multilingual apps for kids. Using elegant design and interactive user experience, Kidosphere helps children enjoy conventional books in the new digital medium. We love
to hear from kids and parents. Your feedback is very valuable to us, it helps us in developing awesome apps that kids can enjoy.

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