Reference Apps

Kids are drawn to iPad and iPhones like fish to water. They love the easy and intuitive way to use these devices. At Kidosphere, we have taken the famous easy-of-use offered by Apple platform and created apps for toddlers and preschoolers. Whether you are looking to teach your kid basic language skills or want to spend more time on math lessons. We got you covered. Explore these apps and stay in touch for more. Our experience engineers are hard at work. We have a mission to create most compelling and comprehensive apps for toddlers. Research has shown that the kid’s formative years are very important. Simple, elegant and beautiful experience offered by these apps will make sure that your kids gets an amazing start.

Flags App for iPad and iPhone
Fun fun way to learn flags of different countries in the world. Great way to expose your little one to different parts of the world. Kids can view flag by selecting continent, countries and also capital. Our cute cover flow based flag navigation is something kids really enjoy. That’s not all – there are lot of activities which are designed to increase recall and general awareness.