Preschool App for Fun: ABC Animal Puzzle App for iPad and iPhone

ABC Puzzles is a jigsaw puzzle game designed for children. App also includes memory game, a full screen stickers interface and score card to show off to friends and family.

Explore 26 puzzles
Earn Sticker for each puzzles
Solve animal puzzles
Memory Game, match the animals
Records in Scoresheet

* Puzzle *
26 animal puzzles, one for each alphabet. Earn a sticker for each completed puzzle. Score card to keep track of time and moves.

* Matching Game *
Memory match games with random animals. Score card to track time and move.

* Stickers *
Our kids love this. Earn a sticker for every completed puzzle. Play with the stickers, take a photo of the elegant sticker certificate to show it off to friends and family.

* Score *
Keep track of the time and number of moves taken to complete the puzzle and memory game.

* Coming soon *
More themes

Features :
26 animal puzzles
Fun interface specifically designed for young children
Interactive animation for even more fun
Audio on/off feature to give audio assistance

KidsGrowth Chart – This app will help your child excel in the following areas :
Problem Solving
Linguistic skills
Logical skills

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