How much is too much?

Kids take to new technology and gadgets like fish to water. In this world filled with apps for education and entertainment, one cannot and may stop these digital natives from using the gadgets. The tablets especially are becoming revolutionary educational tools and the source of digital curriculum as well. But are these gadgets causing physical and emotional problems in children? Are they falling prey to cyber bullying and other online threats?

What can the parents or schools do to ensure safe and sensible usage of technology? The often suggested solution is to encourage and enforce ‘moderation’. But what defines moderation? How much of screen policing is possible? For younger children, content and screen time can be restricted. But when it comes to older kids, will these restrictions work?

Teaching the kids  to treat the cyber world the same way as the real world probably is a good starting point. Safety and survival are crucial in both worlds. Freedom to explore either world comes with responsibilities. If this is understood, technology can be fun and enriching!

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