The Upside down Classroom

Technology plays a key role in education these days and the ‘flipped’ classroom is one such experiment by the teachers trying to reinvent their teaching methods. The idea of flip teaching is simple, watch lecture videos at home and do homework and problem solving at school with the help of the teachers. The students can work together to solve problems and the teachers are readily available to help.

On the flip side, the skeptics raise doubts about the ‘flip’ – how many subjects can be taught using this method or what about the students without computers at home. But the supporters of the ‘flip’ teaching feel that there are ways to take care of these issues – like providing computer time to students at school and creating take-home material that doesn’t need computers.

Many teachers and students believe that the ‘flip’ helps in making learning more enjoyable, gives more control to the students in learning and helps in raising scores.

There are many organizations like PBS LearningMedia and Project Wet, that provide free lessons for teachers through the Flipped Learning Network, Ning, the first online community of practice for and by Flipped Educators.

Is it time to give the ‘flip’ side a try?



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